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Oct 22, 2020

In this episode, we’ll take another trip across the Atlantic for a stopover in the city of Slough, England, just some 45 minutes west of London to talk with my good friend Kevin Edge of Edge BBQ.

I first learned about Kevin’s work cooking with live fire via his Instagram account. Do yourself a favor and give it a follow over @edge_bbq. The images are stunning, and you can get a sense of the enjoyment Kevin derives from cooking for his friends and family.

We’ll also learn that Kevin’s expertise cooking with live fire is something that’s come to him over the past several years.

I love these kinds of stories, as they reinforce an idea shared time and time again from real-life chefs such as the late great Julia Childs as well as fictional ones seen in animated films like Ratatouille… the idea that no matter where we begin in our cooking, grilling and smoking food journey – anyone can cook!

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