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Apr 28, 2019

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Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast. Today, I’m sharing with you a fantastic conversation I had a little while back with Chef Hardette Harris who hails from the Shreveport, Louisiana area and has been instrumental in efforts to showcase the food culture of that area.

I first learned about Chef Harris from her appearance on The Great Cornbread Debate episode, which is part of the PBS Digital Series Nourish hosted by Dr. Howard Conyers. If you haven’t listened to the episode I did with Dr. Conyers, please do so. His passion for preserving the heritage and history of food culture is to be commended.

When I asked Dr. Conyers whether he thought Chef Harris would be a good person to talk with for this podcast, he responded with a resounding yes. I really think you’ll enjoy this conversation, as Chef Harris’ passion for sharing the foodways of Northwestern Louisiana is amazing.

Hardette Harris - Official Meal of North Louisiana

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If you'd like to connect with Chef Hardette Harris, you can find her at the following sites and social media channels:

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