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Apr 3, 2018

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It took a while to pin this guy down, but I finally got a chance to sit down with Craig Tabor. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Craig or cooking with him, it's not just an experience, it's an "Ultimate Experience!"

Craig is a self-proclaimed "Challenge Guy," and he is always raising the stakes in his BBQ and grilling exploits. He's created a brand behind the Big Green Craig name that continues to be sought after here in the United States and abroad.

Craig and I talk about his earliest days of cooking, grilling, and smoking on traditional grills and offset smokers. Obviously, we get into his cooking on Big Green Egg kamado style cookers - moving onto some of his favorite experiences from Executive Chef-style cooking events to some of the largest competition and festival venues out there. If you're still wondering what's up with the Big Green Egg Fest phenomenon, we talk about that, too!

Be sure to listen through to the end to get a list of people and companies Craig believes deserves the #mustfollow tag.

It was a blast spending the weekend up at Craig's place in the Atlanta area. Shout out to Craig's lovely wife Elise for putting up with me for a couple of days. Huge props and much love to Scott and Alicia Wehner (Weeeeeeners IN!) as well as Justin and Kendra Bishop! Thank you all for making the weekend such a blast!

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