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Hello BBQ Beat Podcast Fans! This page provides a simple listing of the podcast episodes I've published to date. Listen at your leisure, and please... share with folks you think might also be interested! 

May 24, 2019

Hi everyone, and welcome to another episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast. In this episode, I’m talking with Andy Lane from Hand Hewn Farm out of Fresno, OH. Growing up spending summers between farming communities on both sides of my family, I love talking with people who are still out there today putting in the hard work and time required to operate family farms.

Andy does a great job explaining how he, his family, and some friends are pooling their time, effort, and resources to breathe life into the operations at Hand Hewn Farm raising egg and meat chickens, rabbits, and hogs.

Throughout our talk, you'll learn about their struggles as well as their successes. I’m excited to bring you this conversation with Andy Lane over at Hand Hewn Farm.