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Dec 2, 2018


Green Mountain Grills Distribution, Sales and Customer Service

In this episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast, I take a full 360-degree view of the Green Mountain Grills operation. As you listen in, you'll hear from the sales, distribution, and end-user standpoint where GMG Grills is concerned. Likely, you've realized that some BBQ Smoker and Grill manufacturers use direct sales models, while others use a distribution model. There are benefits to each.

Take a listen to the chat we have here with Jason Baker of Green Mountain Grills, Kyle Storms with Palm Coast Sales, B.J. Mannix with Mannix Pools and Grills, and Jim Elser of Sweet Smoke Q.

A Few Words about Jason Baker and Green Mountain Grills

Jason Baker, Director of Business Development with Green Mountain Grills has been a long-time friend of the BBQ Beat. He contacted me not long after this site launched in 2014 and asked if I'd like to learn more about GMG's pellet grills and the company overall. He sent me out their Davy Crockett Pellet Grill to review and we had a long conversation about how Green Mountain Grills got started, how they set up their business model and their focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Since that time, I've been very happy to share out and post updates on what Green Mountain Grills has going on. There are other grill manufacturers out there putting out quality pellet grills. I'll say this - you'll be hard pressed to find a company more focused on delighting its customers and providing top notch customer service.

Get to Know More About Green Mountain Grills

Jim Elser of Sweet Smoke Q - Competition Style Ribs on the Green Mountain Grill

Jim Elser of Sweet Smoke Q - Spicy Shrimp Skewers on the Green Mountain Grill

Jim Elser of Sweet Smoke Q - Cedar Planked Bourbon Glazed Salmon

Sterling Smith from Loot N' Booty BBQ - Bosco Pizza using the GMG Pizza Attachment

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