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Oct 22, 2019

Thanks for tuning into this episode featuring the good folks at Flame Boss Temperature Controllers.

I’m your host, Kevin Sandridge, and it’s October 21st…. just a few short days before I make my first ever trip up to Lynchburg, Tennessee to Judge the Jack Daniel's 2019 World Championship Invitational Barbecue competition.

I’m not
going to lie. I’m pretty stoked, to say the least. If you know anything about competition
BBQ – you know how big of a deal the Jack is – not just nationally but Internationally,
as the name suggests.

All told, it
looks like there will be 71 Teams cooking the Pro or Invitational division, 41 teams
cooking the backyard or Shade Tree division, and 27 International Teams.

Yeah, it’s going to be pretty awesome. And I’m ready man… I’ve got my portable recording gear, some warm, weather-resistant clothing ( This Florida boy has been some places and he knows how to stay warm man….) and a complete and unabashed FANBOY mindset. Yeah, totally geeking out.


Let’s talk a
bit about this podcast episode in particular, shall we?

I a few weeks back, I had the great pleasure of speaking with a couple of the good people from Flame Boss… Bob Hack – who serves as their Sales and Marketing Manager and Dave Frosch, Sales Consultant & Team Sponsorships Lead for the company.
Roby Royal of Team Rescue Smokers proudly uses Flame Boss.
Tina Cannon of The Pit Crew, GA, and Bama-Q Fame proudly uses Flame Boss.

We met up at
Grove Roots Brewing here in Winter Haven, Florida – a favorite craft brewery of
mine – where we sat outside, had a few beers, and enjoyed what I think you’ll
find to be one heck of a great conversation.

In this
episode, we talk about the current Flame Boss Temperature controller models
available along with their features and benefits.

We also dig
a bit into the history of Flame Boss, covering some of the company’s early
adopters on the retail and competition side of things.

A lot of praise
and appreciation gets heaped on many of the folks who have helped Flame Boss
achieve its current success, both inside and outside the company… and there are
a few great stories on through the end of the episode that you definitely won’t
want to miss.

Now… a word on this podcast from the out of doors…

You’ll hear
the occasional crowd noise, a dog or two, and even the Winter Haver High School
marching band as they ramped up for the school’s weekly football game.

It was a
great time, and again – I think you’re going to love where we go with this episode.