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Aug 5, 2019

Hey everyone, and welcome to another episode of The BBQ Beat Podcast. This time, I’m talking with Tony Roberts of Proud Souls Barbecue and Provisions in Denver, Colorado.

This is a great companion episode to the podcast episode I did with Jason Ganahl of GQue BBQ some time back, also located in Denver. Tony and Jason actually went to high school together!

I first came to know about Proud Souls via my buddy Chris Gentry of Gentry’s BBQ General Store in Orlando, Florida. Proud Souls carries the Gentry’s line of rubs and sauces, and Chris and Tony have become good friends over the years.

I reached out to Tony to learn more about Proud Souls’ back story and pick up some of the business and experience lessons they’ve learned on the road to making Proud Souls a thriving BBQ Supply and Educational Destination for anyone coming through the Denver area.

If you’ve ever thought of starting up your own BBQ Store – or you just love learning about how BBQ related businesses get up and running, you’re in for a treat.

Connect with Proud Souls Barbecue and Provisions

You can learn a ton about Proud Souls, their team, and all they have to offer by visiting They’ve got a ton of content there, as well as on their Facebook page and Instagram Accounts. If you do manage to catch up with them, tell them Kevin from the BBQ Beat says hi.

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