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Jan 1, 2019

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Heath Riles of Heath Riles BBQ is someone for whom I've had a lot of respect for some time. I'm proud to call him a friend and appreciate him sitting down and taking time to talk with me for this podcast episode.

Heath shares some of his earliest memories cooking with his family. His recollections on how he got started cooking BBQ competitions mirrors some others you might have heard (or experienced) -- with drinking and partying playing a big role at first and an increase in focus and effort as the desire for more consistent results takes hold.

Heath and Candace Riles

I don't know too many competition cooks who have done as well as Heath has on both the KCBS and MBN circuits. These two sanctioning bodies run such different styles of contents that it's not the norm to have teams dominate at both levels like Heath has.

Awards and Accolades

  • 2013 – Whole Hog Team of the Year – Memphis BBQ Network
  • 2014 – Team of the Year – Memphis BBQ Network
  • 2014 – 3rd overall BBQ Division of the World Food Championships in Las Vegas
  • 2015 – Won 12 Grand Championships ou tof 13 Memphis BBQ Network Contests competed in.
  • 2015 – 5 Perfect “180” Scores in Kansas City BBQ Society Contests
  • 2016 – Team of the Year – Memphis BBQ Network
  • 2016 – Finals in BBQ Division at the World Food Championship in Orange Beach, Alabama
  • 2017 – Team of the Year – Memphis BBQ Network
  • 2017 – 9 Grand Championships in Memphis BBQ Network
  • 2017 – 6 Grand Championships in Kansas City BBQ Society
  • 2017 – Perfect “180” score in Brisket Division at the World Championship Jack Daniels BBQ Contest.

Wide Open Teaching Methods

I've attended a Heath Riles competition BBQ class and can tell you that he lays it out there like few others I've seen. Recipes, methods, tips and tricks... attendees get it all. If you ever have a chance to attend one, do it. If you're a non-competitive cook, your friends and family will be wowed by what you're able to do. If you compete - you'll start walking more often. I promise.

Heath Riles BBQ - Competition Rib Recipe

Check out this video on How to Cook Competition Ribs Heath did with Malcom Reed over at How to BBQ Right. At the time of this posting - the video has received 1,263,244 views.

Heath Riles BBQ - Blackened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Here's the blackened chicken sandwich recipe mentioned in this interview. You can find it over on the BBQ Guru YouTube channel.

Connect with Heath Riles

Want to connect with Heath? Awesome. You can find him via the following social media channels:

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