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Jul 5, 2021

Few people speak to family traditions, hard work, loyalty, and taking care of your community like John Scharbauer of Scharbauer Cattle Ranch and Midland Meat Company

I put the phrase "Riding for the Brand" in this episode title because that's exactly what John, his family, and his staff do each and every day.

Their Number 5 brand is more than an identifier of ownership. The brand stands for the 138 years of hard work and effort poured into the Midland, Amarillo, and surrounding areas of Texas. It also stands for the progress being made with the Scharbauer Cattle Company's ranching efforts in terms of land management, genetics, and overall meat quality. 

Together with their retail shop, Midland Meat Company, and their new restaurant in Midland, the MMC Half Acre, the Scharbauers, and their loyal staff members continue to put God, Family, and Community front and center in all they do. 

In this episode, you'll get a fantastic history lesson on the Scharbauer family as well as a behind-the-scenes look at their storied cattle business. 

You'll also be treated to some bonafide American truisms and a few stories I guarantee will stay with you long after listening to my conversation with John. 

To learn more about what John and his staff have going on, visit them online: 

Midland Meat Website

Midland Meat on Instagram

Scharbauer Ranch on Instagram