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Oct 28, 2021

In this episode, I talk with Mick "Maka" Kerkham from Maka Leathergoods in Tasmania. His custom leather knife rolls are sought after by top chefs and BBQ pitmasters all over the world. Minutes into my interview with Maka, and you'll be locked to his way of storytelling... and boy, does he have a great story!

Maka didn't learn to sew until he was 39. Now, at 51, the self-taught designer can't get enough of it: he spends his days in his back-garden shed in Sorell, 30 kilometers north-east of Hobart, sewing classic leather knife rolls and sheaths as well as toolbelts for some of the country's best chefs and makers.

All of the hides used for the products created by Maka Leathergoods are sources from Australia. Branding marks or imperfections are left to give the leather character, and customers can choose from among a nice selection of colors, hide types, and finishing touches.

Be sure to follow up with Maka via the social media links below and let him know what you thought about the interview!

Maka Leathergoods Website

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Maka Leathergoods on Facebook