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Feb 15, 2021

How much do you know about the business of BBQ?

When I started out judging BBQ back in the early 2000s, it was pretty easy to get a handle on what companies made different grills and smokers.

Today, it’s a bit more confusing, with mergers and buyouts clouding the ownership picture a bit for those who don’t do a little digging.

And… I get it. You may care very little about the ownership structure or corporate-level decisions made by these companies. But sometimes, the stories that play out at the higher levels of the BBQ Business can prove to be interesting.

Today, I’m talking with Derrick Riches, a long time author of BBQ and Grilling related media. Some of you know him from the many years he served as the BBQ and Grilling Expert for the network.

As a true industry insider, Derrick now heads up his own website, If you navigate there today, you’ll see a very extensive write up he did about Traeger Grills and the pending litigation surrounding two utility patents they own.

While you may understand that parts and components are commonly patented, these utility patents are a bit different in that they provide Traeger with control not over hardware, or even software, per se. These patents provide control over the cloud-based communication, storage, and Wi-Fi features used by nearly every major BBQ or Grill manufacturer today.

We'll discuss all of this and more! 


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