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Jun 21, 2019

This episode of the BBQ Beat Podcast features Ben Arnot, host of the excellent BBQ related podcast Smoking Hot Confessions out of Gold Coast, Australia.

A little about Smoking Hot Confessions… you can find the show website at smoking hot confessions dot com… it’s a great site filled with show notes for each of Ben’s episodes, as well as some great articles, recipes, and other cool BBQ related stuff.

During our chat, you’ll hear Ben reference his most recent trip to the US with his family in order to attend the 2019 NBBQA conference. I should note that Smoking Hot Confessions did very well in the awards portion of this year’s conference – taking 3rd place in the Best Audio Series category behind this podcast, BBQ Beat for 2nd and Behind the Smoke out of California taking 1st. Ben’s website for his show also garnered 2nd place honors this year, so you can see… he’s really got something cool going on over there. I highly recommend that you check it out.