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Mar 27, 2021

Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of The BBQ Beat Podcast, I’m your faithful host, Kevin Sandridge – bringing you great stories from the world of BBQ, grilling, and live-fire cooking as told by the people who live them.

Today’s show features a great conversation I had with Jason Hardee of Elite BBQ Smokers out of Conway, SC.

Jason shares some of his early BBQ memories, some life lessons, and his mission to share the love of Jesus Christ through his work hosting and attending Cook’s Church meetings hosted at various BBQ competitions.

We’ll also get into the details behind the KCBS-sanctioned Rufus Teague BBQ Throwdown Series as well as the regional BBQ Shoot Outs that Jason and organizer Bob Johanns put together. These events have been a real lifeline to BBQ competitors and judges during the past year who have been able to continue doing what they love in the face of the many pandemic-related contest cancellations.

I think you’ll really enjoy this conversation with Jason. He’s a guy that’s super humble, letting his actions speak for themselves. And trust me, by the time you’ve listened to this episode through to the end, your love of BBQ competitions and all the communal goodwill they bring about will be stoked to the max.

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